Hyper Dog Wants To Grab His Tennis Ball, But His Cone Keeps Getting In The Way

Have you ever had something that you wanted that was just withinyour reach and then it slips away?

Whether this is has happened to you in a physical or a subjective sense, this sensation is definitely frustrating.

I personally feel like that happens to me a lot in dreams, I’ve have something I need to find or grab, and it just keeps getting moved further away from I wonder what that means.

In any case, this is definitely a frustrating feelingand one that poor dogs have to experience a lot when they play fetch!

To them, retrieving that ball is the most important task maybe of their entire day depending on how much they slept.

But sometimes that ball isn’t always so easy to retrieve; it might bounce off somewhere they can’t find it, their owners may trick them into thinking they threw it, or worse, the person they’re trying to play fetch with isn’t even a person.

But the worse thing that a fetch-loving dog could have happened to them is to be put in a dastardly medical cone normally called the cone of shame.

This one particular pup in the video is in the predicament. She just can’t get to the ball even though it’s right under his nose!

Check out the clip below of the poor pup trying with all his might to get the ball, and don’t forget to SHARE with friends and family on Facebook.

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